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Meet The Team

Thinking of buying a home or selling your current home in New Orleans? Then it's time to contact Inhab Real Estate, your New Orleans real estate resource. Take some time to meet our agents and learn more about our skills and qualifications, or read reviews from our past clients.

Photo of Alicia Brandkamp

Alicia Brandkamp Design Manager

Photo of Amber Neill

Amber Neill Realtor®

Photo of Anna Mixon

Anna Mixon Realtor®

Photo of Cody Stringer

Cody Stringer Realtor®

Photo of Felicia Baptiste

Felicia Baptiste Realtor®

Photo of Jake McGregor

Jake McGregor VP of Inhab Design + Build Millworks Manager

Photo of Joe Robert

Joe Robert Realtor®

Photo of Molly O'Keefe

Molly O'Keefe Vice President of Finance

Photo of Scott K. James

Scott K. James Realtor®

Photo of C. Seth Dunlap

C. Seth Dunlap Realtor®

Photo of Adam Stahura

Adam Stahura Managing Broker