Is it worth it to buy promotions on Instagram to grow your brand

If you’re asking if you should buy Instagram ads, the answer is no.

However, if you’re talking about purchasing promotions on other people’s pages, the answer is complicated. There are a number of aspects to consider:

  • The account’s involvement;
  • Whether it is active on a daily basis or not;
  • If it can share its previous experience and results;
  • You’re a good match for that account.
  • If you’re both interested in the same thing;
  • If the account’s target audience is defined;
  • If their target audiences share the same interests as yours;
  • If you have already enough content and value for the promotion to be worth it;

There are promotions that are really worth it, as you end up getting a lot of exposure and growing your brand image. But you should have the past factors into consideration before investing on a promotion.