Industrial land: characteristics and locations

Although investment in Blue World City is the best known, they can be classified in different ways according to the type of land use they have established. These specific uses depend on the needs of your industry or business.

Entrepreneurs fix their gaze mainly on commercial and industrial land, which are what allow them to develop business projects.

Given the circumstances of the current economy, many investors have questioned whether it is wise to invest in land for an industry in a pandemic, however, over the months that doubt has dissipated, since investing in land is always the best option.

Therefore, in this article we will talk about industrial land, what are its characteristics, the best locations and why investing in one is a good decision.

What is an industrial land?

As its name indicates, industrial lands are those that have the type of land use intended for industries, since they require special specifications, from size to location.

The land or industrial lots are the necessary requirement for those owners, directors or managers looking for enterprise expansion in a distribution center or CEDI.

This type of land can be used in various ways, for example:

  • Storage activities.
  • Productive activities.
  • Manufacture.
  • Distribution.

In the case of manufacturing and production, land far from the urban area is generally required for proper waste management and to avoid harming the population.

When it comes to storage or distribution activities, what is sought is that these are close to main avenues and that they are easily accessible. In some special cases it is a requirement that they be located a few minutes from the airport, to facilitate logistics operations.

What should you take into account when buying an industrial land?

  • Define your investment objective.
  • Choose the perfect location.
  • Define your budget.
  • Consider acquiring an industrial park within.
  • Opt for companies with experience.
  • Buy a lien-free land.
  • Know the returns and calculate the ROI.

Characteristics of industrial land

If you are thinking of buying or renting an industrial land, you should take into account its main characteristics to find the one that suits your needs. We will talk to you in more detail about these aspects below.

1. Strategic location

As in the purchase of any type of land, a strategic location is essential to obtain higher returns from the property in the long term. However, in industrial matters this is not limited to economic benefits such as return on investment.

The location is subject to the type of activities that take place in the industry and its needs, which we can classify into three types according to their size.

  • Small and medium industry: these refer to whose activities are of direct attention to the population.
  • Large non-polluting industry: they focus on service and supply activities, for example, logistics centers, warehouses, and service yards.
  • Large polluting industry: these are industries with a high environmental impact, maquiladoras and high technology.

It is important to be clear about the type of industry you want to start or expand to acquire the right property, especially if you are looking to buy land to lease to industries.

It is essential for a warehouse, service center or unloading area, to have a location that allows you to quickly load, unload and receive supplies or machinery.

For service companies within large cities, a strategic location facilitates quick customer service.

2. Infrastructure

It is one of the most important points to consider when buying an industrial land, because in order to carry out transformation, manufacturing or logistics activities they require a specialized infrastructure.

Size of the spaces

Having a large development is essential for those companies that use large machinery when carrying out their activities.

Examples of this are the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic, automotive industries, among others, which require electrical, hydraulic, thermal, robotic and similar industrial machinery.

The size of the spaces can be a limitation when acquiring a land, not only because the offer of these is not so wide, but because the prices in areas of the center and north of the country are much higher.

For those who seek to expand or establish their industry, doing so in the southeast of Mexico is an undeniable advantage, since the offer of suitable spaces with an excellent location is greater, in addition to the fact that the price per square meter is lower than in the rest of the country.

Adequate services

Unlike commercial companies, some types of machines require higher voltage loads and proper access control, especially to restricted areas where hazardous material is handled or are high-risk areas.

Whether it is for machinery for light or heavy industry, they need an infrastructure that provides adequate electricity, water and drainage services, and that in the same way does not represent risks for the personnel. For this reason, in most cases, the first thing that is done on the ground is to erect a perimeter fence.

Logistics systems

Companies that, in addition to producing, distribute, require ample spaces for warehouses and to maneuver trucks for transporting materials and products.

The loading and unloading area must be wide to facilitate the operations of the workers and the movement of the large trucks, cranes and other vehicles that are necessary.

Another aspect to take into account is the proximity of the land to key points, such as a free road, airport, suppliers, among others.

3. Medium and long-term growth projection

Verifying that the industrial land is located in an area with projection of growth is important to determine if it adjusts to the current and future needs of the company.

Thinking about the location as an element that plays in favor of the expansion of the service area to be reached is to foresee future mobility needs.

This issue is relevant because it also affects those who decide to acquire an industrial land for sale to sell again, after a couple of years have passed and make a profit.

4. Profitability and capital gains

Because the land where the CEDI or company will be located will be part of the capital that allows managing and making important decisions, capital gains are also a factor to consider, and are determined from the set of characteristics indicated here.

In case the construction or establishment of the company in said lot is a long-term project, it should be profitable to get the best out of the land before building.

The sale of a land, especially one of large size and good location, can generate a high return on investment and a high profitability, this will be beneficial if it is necessary to sell the land.

It also applies when it comes to leasing, as it allows you to get a higher rent for the capital gain of the property.

5. Security

Security is an element that must always be considered to keep company operations safe, and the internal security of the personnel is as important as the external security of those who enter and leave.

Having a booth at the entrance of the lot will help to avoid any inconvenience in terms of security, and to maintain control of the entry of both personnel and transport.

For this reason, it is advisable to choose a lot that offers this service or to contemplate it within the commercial expansion plan.

Where is it better to buy an industrial land?

The southeast of Mexico is an area that stands out for having a lower price per m², offering the opportunity to acquire more land or allocate a part of the capital to construction or the purchase of equipment to start operations.

Not only that, in the southeast there is a qualified workforce thanks to the educational programs that the government implements and promotes the training of professionals in various areas. Thanks to this, you can do without bringing in labor from outside and save a large part of the budget.

In the case of Mérida, Yucatán, the best area to acquire one or more industrial lots is to the west. This location allows for quick access to the industrial zone and the city’s airport through roads such as the Peripheral ring, which facilitates direct communication with any part of the city or outside of it.

Industrial land in Mérida: Get to know Advance Yucatán Industrial Park Peripheric

The opening of a CEDI or warehouse, and even the establishment of general facilities of a company, requires that the industrial land meets the aforementioned characteristics to efficiently carry out the logistics and operation of the business.

Advance Yucatán Industrial Park Peripheric is a development divided into 22 lots for industrial and corporate use strategically located in the west of the city of Mérida.

It has a strategic location a few meters from the Peripheral ring, has access to said road that leads to the exit of the most important ports, and is close to the fastest growing real estate developments.

They are urbanized lots that have the infrastructure and supply of basic services that facilitate the immediate construction of a CEDI or warehouse:

  • External lighting.
  • Storm drain.
  • Water rush.
  • Guardhouse.

Trust the experts in real estate projects

The adequate accompaniment of professionals in real estate, financial and legal matters is a fundamental pillar within any growth strategy to find projects that meet the needs of the company and avoid putting the investment at risk.

Although real estate advice is not an essential requirement for the acquisition of industrial land, it is always advisable to approach an expert to be advised on projects that meet the aforementioned characteristics and make a safe investment.

At BMF Inversions we have more than 25 years of experience in real estate investments focused on business expansion, through the development of highly profitable projects strategically located to streamline the operation of your company.

We have a team trained to develop projects such as Advance Yucatán Industrial Park Peripheric, with the aim of giving our investors an option that gives them the possibility of taking the growth of their company to another level.