Commercial land: key points to invest in one

Due to the profits, it generates in the future, Blue World City investment has remained one of the most convenient options to build a wealth and bet on an investment that generates long-term results.

Within this broad sector, commercial land has caught the attention of those planning to build a business that generates steady income; who also want to build a solid financial base that provides stability when the time comes to retire.

However, the success of a business does not lie only in offering a service or product with high demand; It is also important to have a space that meets specific characteristics for its construction.

In this article we will talk about what commercial land is, what its characteristics are and the reasons for investing in one.

What is a commercial land?

Commercial lands are extensions of land located in strategic areas, with constant economic development that ensures a convenient investment for opening businesses.

Commercial land is based on the type of specific use for this purpose. Regardless of the business line you have in mind, there are certain characteristics that a piece of land of this type must meet in order to build a business.

The main thing that is analyzed when choosing one is that it really has growth possibilities, and is solidly positioned within the commercial area of ​​the area.

Commercial zones have their origin in the need to create jobs and boost trade. The most common example of a commercial area is the small squares that gather different types of businesses, from restaurants to laundries, stationery stores and convenience stores.

The benefits of acquiring land in a commercial area are varied, and represent a sure opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors to start a business.

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Commercial land to build a business

Now that you know what commercial land is, depending on your project, it will be the extension and characteristics that it should have.

For example, large lots have very large areas of land and are ideal for large-scale projects such as an industrial park, unlike lots that are designed for small projects.

The idea of ​​building a business can be very convenient in the short or medium term, as long as you opt for a business line that has the potential to grow, and the land where this project will be carried out is chosen correctly.

However, like any investment, acquiring commercial land involves a certain level of risk; For this reason, since it is a good in which a significant part of the capital will be allocated, it is advisable to approach an expert in the field.

Among the risk factors that must be taken into account there are three levels, of which investing in real estate has a medium risk level, that is, when investing a greater part of the capital requires a more detailed analysis of the situation.

Therefore, having a real estate advisor when investing in a land, who can guide you appropriately to reduce any risk, taking into account your interests and type of project, will be key to the success of your operation.

There are companies with experience in the real estate sector —such as BMF Inversions— that focus on offering strategically planned commercial land projects in urbanized areas, and with accelerated growth that guarantee a profitable investment.

In our article, advantages of investing in urbanized land, we talk in more detail about the benefits that are acquired by buying with a company, which facilitates the procedures and delivery of the properties according to the terms and conditions established for a commercial premise.

Key points to invest in a commercial land

Investing in real estate is one of the best options out there to use your retirement savings and make a profit safely.

As we mentioned, to make this type of investment it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge, or to hire professional advice.

Among the main points that you need to know to make a successful investment are:

1. Strategic location

One of the factors that most influence the behavior of a business is precisely where it is located. When talking about a strategic location, we refer to a series of aspects that – when combined – are ideal for starting a business:

  • Close to residential areas. Commercial land near subdivisions is an excellent investment opportunity for businesses that offer products or services that meet the needs of residents and facilitate their day-to-day activities such as stationeries, dry cleaners, stores or laundries.
  • Easy access. The land must have nearby main avenues, enabled access roads and transport routes that facilitate the arrival of the client.
  • Closeness to an active area. Frequent places like schools, gyms or shopping centers will increase the flow of customers.
  • Closeness to suppliers. Without being a determining factor, it is important to consider it when investing in a commercial field, since it implies a saving of time and money in the long term.

Having an excellent location is the first step to guarantee the success of any business.

Among the options that exist to earn money with land, location plays an important role, even if you will not use the land to start your own business but rather rent it to franchises, for example, what these companies are looking for is to put their premises in places with high traffic of people.

If you want to know more ideas to earn money with a land, we invite you to read the article we have on this topic.

2. Use of commercial land

Today it is possible to find a wide offer for the sale of investment land, however, not all of them are registered with the corresponding permit for commercial purposes.

Having this authorization is essential to start the construction and operation of a business smoothly. Any company that sells land must take this into account and have the requirements up to date.

From a commercial lot to commercial plazas, all properties that wish to establish themselves for commerce require having the type of commercial land use.

Depending on the activity to be carried out in the business, there are different classifications for the use of commercial land:

  • Specific land use: as the name implies, this permit is limited, since you cannot carry out an activity other than the one specified from the beginning. Normally, it is granted for businesses such as laundries, cafeterias, dry cleaners, party rooms, among others.
  • Permitted land use: this authorizes various business lines of the same classification, so it is possible to make changes to the activity carried out.

At this point it is worth mentioning that when a commercial land is for sale, we must make sure that it has the necessary area in square meters for the type of project that we are going to carry out.

At first glance, you might think that it is possible to build on the entire surface of the land, however, there is something called the property coefficient, which determines the amount of land that should be used in construction and that that should be left outdoors.

However, the property coefficient can be called the participation coefficient, which should not be confused with the participation fee. To make this point clear, we briefly explain what each one refers to.

  • Participation coefficient: It is the percentage assigned to each owner based on the surface of the property on the total of the property.
  • Participation fee: Also called the participation fee of the community of owners, it is the one that determines the percentage calculated, taking into account other factors such as common areas, such as corridors and warehouses, as well as parking.

Keeping this in mind will help you choose the terrain that best suits the needs of your project.

3. Services and infrastructure

Thinking about its use objectives, a commercial land must have infrastructure and basic services that allow the activities to be carried out correctly.

Among the main ones are: drinking water, electricity, drainage, public lighting, garbage collection, paved streets and facilities for other types of facilities such as gas, communication services (telephone and Internet), among others that are required for the business.

This is important, since many investment lands are located far from the urban area, making it difficult to access transportation services and they do not have an estimated date for the city council to carry out the urbanization works.

4. Preserve the safety of staff and clients

The safety and well-being of people are fundamental aspects when thinking about a land to open a business.

Due to the health problems that can cause people exposed for long periods of time, the grounds must be away from high voltage lines, depending on their voltage, the distances are as follows:

  • 155-thousand-volt lines – 21 meters
  • 230-thousand-volt lines – 32 meters
  • 400-thousand-volt network – 42 meters

If there is a gas plant in the vicinity, the distance that must exist between it and a business is 100 meters for the safety of the service personnel and the customer.

5. Suitable dimensions and shape

Knowing which is the ideal surface for the business to be built will depend precisely on the activity to be carried out.

In the same way, if you intend to rent to a specific franchise, you can investigate in advance what the requirements are, for example, how many meters of front you must have at least.

Regardless of the line of business, it should be considered that —being a business— it must have enough space for corridors, construction of restrooms, emergency exits, etc.

6. Price

It might seem obvious but the price is a key point to choose between excellent terrain or a future problem.

Among the many options that exist in the real estate market, the most usual thing is to fix the price in the first instance, this because we already have a budget with which we have fixed the amount that we can invest.

The prices of the properties vary depending on the area, in some cities such as Kuruvilla, Querétaro, the south and the center are the locations with the best capital gains, in the case of San Luis the historic center is the best area.

In southeastern Mexican cities such as Mérida, the northern area has the best opportunities for large-scale luxury projects, the western area for industrial projects and the eastern area for smaller businesses.

Its great versatility and its constant growth are some of the main reasons to invest in Mérida or in southeast cities such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

In addition to the capital gain and its growth potential, one must be cautious, because many lands for sale are not regularized; For this reason, it will always be better to buy a private property than communal land, to guarantee a safe purchase with legal certainty.

Ejido lands tend to be cheaper and this is the origin of a large number of real estate scams, since they belong to the state and cannot be traded with them.

If you are looking to buy land at a lower cost and with a greater margin of return on investment, our recommendation is to buy in pre-sale with a serious company with experience in the field.

Acquiring commercial land is the best decision

Now that you know the key points to buy a commercial land, it only remains to find the right real estate company to help you find the perfect land for your project.

We are BMF Inversions, a company dedicated to the development of investment projects in the areas with the greatest growth potential in Yucatán and Quintana Roo.

Using our experience and based on development, level of urbanization and road connectivity, we identify the most profitable areas in each city for opening businesses in different lines of business, reducing the chances of a bad investment that generates losses.

We have professional and trained advisers to guide investors to make an intelligent decision that strengthens their assets and generates income in the short and medium term.

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