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    Mission Statement

    Inhab builds on a positive culture that supports innovative, knowledgeable, and ambitious real estate professionals who deliver unparalleled results, provide client-driven service and give back to our community.


    To become the best real estate company in New Orleans by making the client experience simple, efficient, and enjoyable. 

    Core Values






    Action Oriented




    Joe Robert Testimonial

    Inhab Real Estate is #1 choice of clients and agents in New Orleans.


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    Inhab Real Estate was founded around customer service. We share the idea that we service the client and not the dollar. At any level, we want everyone we work with to be happy. With this notion in mind, we decided to start our focus inward. Inhab understands that our first client is our agents. The focus, first, is to ensure our associates are happy and have the tools they need to provide an unparalleled real estate experience. We pride ourselves on the value we bring to each and every one of our associates. It is with this extraordinary value Inhab provides that allows our associates to bring sellers and buyers of properties the highest level of service. 

    We continuously look for ways to increase the value we provide to our associates. Inhab Real Estate realizes the value of our associates time, which is why we proactively find ways to increase an agent’s dollar productive activities. This means that we’ve leveraged out the tasks that can be delegated to non-licensed employees to help sales associates maximize their time with clients and negotiating deals.


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